Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sweat Shop

My friends and sis came yesterday for a visit. It is a welcome break from the snow, although it's supposed to be around 50º in the Chicagoland area for the next couple days.
I had already warned them before they came that I was going to do a tutorial on my glue resist painting. They all came with an idea to work on.
We decided to start this project right away so that they could be completed during the week
that they will be here. I had them practice holding the glue bottles and they all took to it
like a fish to water. Here are the completed drawings.
This is Jean Ann's and we very impressed with her skills. She did it right out of her head.
This turtle was done by Peggy and she had a little help with her design but executed it beautifully.
Like me, Mike chose an abstract design. My reason is because it's what I like to see and also a little of the fact that I can't draw.
Anne did these vases, right out of her head too. I was very impressed with these gals. Their works are drying now, and it's a nice dry day so maybe they will dry fast and they can get to painting!!!

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