Thursday, February 03, 2011

Violet Update

Finally, as requested by all, here is an update of our Violet. Just for your clarification, she is now 4 weeks old.

This is Violet having her first bath. Her residual cord fell off and so she could have a real bath.
It looks like she is ready for the ring and 10 rounds with someone!! Now they have bathtubs that are controlled electronically to insure even levels of warm water. Back in the day, we put a half inch of water in the tub and put a towel in it. At least we didn't have to store the tub when we were done.
I even had one of these hoodie towels for Violet's dad; somethings don't change.
Here she is as a flower child;
as a sleeper;
and as a sleeper with an umbilical cord hat; what do I know about fashion?


Anonymous said...

Can't get enough of these photos!

Gayle from MI said...

What a doll baby!!!! Those tubs make me nuts. I just used the kitchen sink. That way I knew the dishes would all be done and the sink cleaned well at least once a day. HA! She's already changed her looks so much......

dee said...

Oh my goodness...the cute overload! She is such a pretty little one.
James got his bath in the kitchen sink. Don't tell him but I've got the photos to prove it...hehe.

Karen said...

Tommy, she is just precious. What a sweet little princess.

Robbie said...

Love the tied dyed shirt! She is a flower child isn't she!