Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's Going On

Bella comes in from her mostly daily power walk and lays down on the tile for hours. She only seems to roust when it is time for dog park. It's like these mutts have an inner clock. And on top of that, we get there and she barely moves. Some dogs run all over the place but not the princess. She sits very regally and surveys the other happenings. Such was the case yesterday only within a minute, a dog, John Jay was gone. He was there, at our feet, with all the other dogs and then he was not. I still don't know the outcome of his disappearance but his owner didn't seem to be nearly as concerned as I was. JJ is a runner and does like the Gulf beach but he never goes awol. His mom kept saying that he did have his tag with the number on it on his collar. And then she left dog park to go home. I would park someone at the house to answer the phone but I certainly wouldn't leave the place where the dog knows to return to. I guess it is what makes up the world; we are all different and handle things differently. I hope John Jay is okay (rhymes).
I just read my emails and found out that John Jay was found at the beach club, not far from dog park, presumably trying to get on the que for a meal. Phewwwww.

Post script; I got the chip implanted in Bella but when you think about it, these designer dogs are more likely to be stolen than to be found lost and the chip would do you no good then because the dog would never be turned in.
The 'Lorena Lorena' is pinned and well on it's way to having the quilting completed. That will happen today.
This is one of the two newer resist pieces I have done. This one was resist applied and painted in a couple sessions because it is considerably larger than the original pieces. This one measures 32 x 36 and the others were all around 20" square. The paints that I use are Setacolor, straight from Dharma and Hobby Lobby, (for those of you who have asked.)

I have decided, just this second, to spend the excess time this weekend finishing up with some volunteer work that I started and never finished. That will make me feel good.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Being forever trite, I think a good title for the last piece should be "The Egg & Eye"! That's what I first saw, lol.

Thanks for the John Jay update.

Diane said...

I'm glad everything worked out okay for the missing dog. I would have been frantic if it had been one of my dogs.

I'm glad to hear that Bella merely surveys the dog park but I'm not surprised as she is the "Queen of Everything." ;-D

I really like this new piece. Very cool!

dee said...

Tis good to be the Queen!
Glad JJ is OK

Love the quilting on the resist pieces. The colors are so yummy.