Sunday, February 06, 2011

Working Girl

Two more of my resist quilts are finished; facing, sleeve and all. First up is the painted and resist removed
'Hill and Dale'.
Here it is after the quilting and all was finished. It ended up measuring 19" x `19". These
are a bit smaller than I usually work with but it is easier to apply the glue with a smaller size. If I planned the design ahead and maybe even sketched it, I could probably do a larger size in sections, letting parts dry before trying to reach over wet glue. But then that would take much more effort than my February body wants to give in to.

Next up is the original painted 'Jabba'.
It measures in at 19" x 21".

Here it is finished and
here is a detail. There are a few little green x's, it what may appear to be random placement but they are, for the most part, put to hide a drip or run that was unplanned.

Today I will finish the resist of the bobbers and the other unnamed resist piece and possibly start to wrap my brain around what I want to do next. It's Super Bowl Sunday and I could care less. We have plans for the whole day but it's foggy and grey and I just want to hole up in the studio. Is that asking too much?


Robbie said...

Resist pieces turned out great! I like seeing the before and 'after' shots! I'm from Pittsburgh but also a GB fan (Rodgers is just a nice guy) so I'll be watching the game for sure or will it be for the food I'm making! hmmmmmmm

sistersoftheart said...

Love the resist pieces! Such inspiration!!

dee said...

Jabba is still great but Hill & Dale is super. Love it.
Thanks for the photos of the adorable Violet-sleeping Dad's pretty cute too!