Monday, February 21, 2011

You Can't Resist Me!

I have been neglectful of the blog and I am sorry for that. We have been frightfully busy with all the work that we have been doing. The weather is beautiful and we even notice it when walking from the studio to the house for nourishment. It has been warm and dry so our resist pieces dried quickly and the painting process went fast too.
Here is Anne's painted piece;
and Peggy's.
Mike's op art is even in the process of being quilted, which I will show you later, after it is complete.
Jean Ann did a great job on her basket of fruit. It turned out to be a very successful tutorial.

Thanks Nancy for pointing out the typing error on the 'Tommy Cooks' blog. I fixed it to read 1/2 t. instead of 12 t. cinnamon in the recipe for Banoffee Cake.


Anonymous said...

Such a clever title for today's blog.

dee said...

Boy those gals are fast studies. Especially like the turtle.

Robbie said...

The pieces are coming out great!! How much fun you have!! Nice to have friends and family isn't it!

Diane said...

Tommy, I am loving the results you and your friends are getting with your glue resist play! Can you tell me what sort of paints you are using? Normal fabric paints? Something like Dynaflow?