Monday, March 14, 2011

Absolutely Fabulous

My brother in law arrived last night. I thought he was in very high spirits. Come to find out you can arrive at an airport in Florida and be discriminating about your mode of transportation from the airport to your final destination (here). Not only did he find a driver willing to let him have a beer or two in the vehicle; the driver actually stopped at a liquor store so he could purchase the beer. You gotta love Florida!!! The tourist capital of the world.
In order to correctly place my applique on my current work I had to move from the studio to the great room in order to make use of the larger sliding glass door. It's gonna end up being around 46 x 65 when it's done.
I can easily place the appliqued pieces in their proper location with the sun shining through. I didn't get much done before dark because I had a date to go to a Yappy Hour at a local restaurant. It actually served ice cream for dogs! It was one of those little plastic au jus containers with the vanilla ice cream and a little dog bone stuck in the middle. Bella didn't know what to do; she never had human food before. It was pretty funny. I literally had to put it under her nose to get her to try it!!!! There were lots of friends there with me and their dogs. It was a great time to be had by all!!!
On another topic, I was discussing BBC shows to a local friend from England and my favorite, 'Absolutely Fabulous' was discussed. I got a craving for it and scoured the tv to see if it was on any channel (it was on Oxygen when it was a new channel way back when). But no, so I
decided to buy the discs. For sixty four bucks you can get all six seasons along with outtakes, specials, the whole shebang. I just got it and loaned it to my English friend because she has never even heard of it. She told me about another BBC show which I never heard of;
'Keeping Up Appearances' and so, I had to have it too. I don't know when I will ever have time to see all of these but I will some how force myself to be entertained for multiple hours; starting now!!


dee said...

That should keep you laughing for a long time. Two of the funniest Brit TV shows ever. They both run on our PBS stations from time to time.

spikemuffin said...

Nice to hear Johnny hasn't lost his sense of style.

Anonymous said...

Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By were two of Darryl's favorite Saturday night shows! Check them out.

azcupcake said...

My local (Phoenix) PBS had 2 new "newer" BBC series this winter- "New Tricks" and "Doc Martin". Love'em both. Be sure to check out "Midsommer Murders", too.

Edwin said...

As Time Goes By is one of my favorites. Are You Being Served? was good in the typical British comedy way.