Thursday, March 03, 2011

Black Out

We suffered a black out due to a downed power line that took forever to fix. The lack of electricity is particularly noticed when my whole day was to be using the sewing machine. Now that the power is back on, I have lost my mojo.

I am flying up north tomorrow morning first thing, to check on my little blooming flower, Violet. I also have plans with my sister, my pals Micky and Linda, and the kids. But there wouldn't be a trip if there wasn't a Violet. I can not wait to see her!!!

I will go to my pictures and see what I haven't shown you that I photographed in the last couple weeks.

Last year, while my quilting friends were here we decided to make a 12" square block for each of us and the deadline would be when they return this year. Peggy and I had already given out the three blocks (four, if counting ourselves) last year and I sent out a reminder about a month before the girls visited, that the deadline was looming. The reminder worked and here are the two remaining 12" blocks for my 12" block wall. This star was done by Jean Ann.
This block was done by Anne and it reminds me a lot of the quilt block that they made me for my birthday
only it's a bit more angled. I am very pleased with my two new additions. This photo was right next to the blocks and I took a picture of it
to show you and then forgot. This is my mom's work. She made bias tape from a multicolored and formed it into this Celtic cross. Even the quilting is done by hand. I had a momentary thought of cutting the piece down to fit my 12" parameters but have decided to keep it intact and find something else to do with it.

I will be taking lots of pictures of the baby and will share some with you.

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Karen said...

Oh good. I bet Violet has changed a LOT since you last saw her. Happy Cuddling!