Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Boat Is A Boat

This is the SeaFair Mega yacht (a floating art gallery) and it was docked in Sarasota since last week so G and I decided that we needed to see it and picked the last day, yesterday and a Monday, to go. It is the fourth largest privately owned yacht in the U.S. It is five stories high, 228 ' long and cost $40 to build. In line, waiting to go aboard, we were chatting up with a guy who told us that it took three shipbuilding companies to finish the thing and the first two went bankrupt. I tried to find out a little more on that subject on line but was getting nowhere and that always stops me in my tracks. Anyway, it's a moving art gallery of sorts. It has 28 custom galleries and you can actually, for a fixed weekly fee of $50 a square foot, have your own little show and sale. They provide for everything you need to show your wares (furniture, hanging devices, whatever). The galleries are of various sizes and I noticed that some had more than one space.
Look back to my first picture of the ship and you can just barely see this peace sign on the top right. This is a bar on the top of the boat. There are restaurants and snack places too.
This 9 x 11 piece, that went for $3000, is a carved phone book covered with acrylic. The artist is Alex Queral and I have never heard of such an art form. Can you tell that it's Mr. Bean? There was also one of Bob Dylan and Barney Fife.

The art was good and bad and that is all a matter of your taste. The problem with the place was that it was SOOOOOO CROWDED. It almost made me sick.
I remember seeing this artist at the SOFA show in Chicago. He does amazing glass mosaic work.Here is a close up. The yacht had a gallery of Chihuly glass but I liked this better.
It was so hard to take pictures with all the bodies so I got very little. I loved this glass piece but didn't get the artists name. This close up shows
all these little bodies twisted inside of the red glass.
This is a very bad picture of a very fun piece from the artist Massimo Lunardon. The table behind the trapeze swinging glass alien ruins it. I love this artist and have seen him in many shows and get a smile on my face at each of his pieces. He is one of the best glass blowers I have ever seen.
It was a relief to leave the crowded boat. We happened on this cruiser in the marina on our way to the car. It is pretty funny with real palm trees on the top and some funky art.
This is more of the kind of boat for me. It's about 10' long.

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The red glass piece with the bodies is my favorite