Saturday, March 19, 2011


Eight of us girls from up north got together for a very fun day yesterday. They were down in Naples and decided that they needed a day trip and so came for a visit. Because we were doing lunch later, when Regina joined us, I decided to copy something I had at a brunch with my friend Linda when I went up to see Violet. We went to Zapatista, a mexican restaurant of hers that had just opened another branch on Clark in Chicago. With our Bloody Mary's we had chasers of seven oz. Coronas.
I decided to make the Bloody's like they do at Twisted Spoke, another Chicago restaurant that we used to frequent. I think they called them something like Breakfast Bloody or something
because they had lots of food in them.
I chose salami, white canadian cheddar, blue cheese stuffed olives and grape tomatoes.
Of course they had the prerequisite celery and lemon and the beer had it's much needed lime.
For some reason, I love these food pictures. They look like they were taken right out of a magazine. Who knew I had such talent???

Here we all are; Laurel, Kathy and Regina up front and Barb, Me, Sue, June and Lynn holding up the rear. We had a great time but it wasn't long enough. We barely scratched the gabbing surface. Regina was the only sleepover (oh, I still have my brother in law for a couple more weeks) and she just left me to go home and then to work. Now, I have to get to work!

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Millie said...

Great pics....those skewers are awesome!