Thursday, March 03, 2011

Idol Take

My opinion and that's pretty much why I have the blog.....American Idol. I thought that I would hate it; the new panel. My plan was to watch the first one or two and then put it on my not so much list, where Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, and all the action reality shows (survivor, amazing, etc and anything on the Jersey shores) all the while thinking that not only did they take Paula away but to take the cruel Simon away, ahhh, I don't think so. But alas, what was I missing? The sweetest Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez? Who knew?

I am sure the younger age group helps with the competition but there aren't that many young finalists; I think kindness and a little less on the cruel comments help the show and I that is probably their plan to begin with. Who needs the drama? The boys are amazing and I can't even start to reduce them to five or six. The girls? Not as good as the boys but it's still early. I am commenting now because I paused the show to give my opinion and not be influenced by the conclusion plus I am going to see my VIOLET and may miss a blog or two.

the crazy black guy that sang Luther Vandross
the guy with the round glasses; I think he was first on Tues.
the rod stewart singer (quirky and I like quirky)
the kid that rocks because he wants it so bad but I hate the screaming loud voice and the tail?
the country kid, although he doesn't need Idol; he will be a star tomorrow.

the last girl last night (dark hair; little)
Hailey (sp?)
the very young blonde (kinda vivacious)
the dark haired girl that tried too hard and did the cloak thingy in the beginning.

Now you got my take so far. I do better with the names after it is a smaller group. I have only watched Idol for seven years but I am hard pressed to eliminate this year; the talent is amazing and I think they truly do better without being verbally abused. But I do see that after awhile, you can, even with a virgin ear, see who will make it. Bottom line? You gotta sing and sing well.


Beth in TN said...

I think the blonde girl you're referring to is local to my area, so we're rooting for her here (Chattanooga). She's just 16.

Millie said...

I say Jacob and Pia will be the finalists

Anonymous said...

I wonder what came first...your designs or the rugs in Garnet hill catalog...?Have you seen it?