Friday, March 25, 2011

'Jabba' Impersonator

I have started to replicate 'Jabba', the painted piece with a larger pieced version. I am using the same technique as before. I take the photo of the finished work, turn it into black and white and make a copy on transparency paper. I put this on an overhead projector and draw it larger on big ole' paper.
I tape the drawing to the slider backwards so I am getting a mirror image, which I need to make the sections on freezer paper.
Because the original background was painted, I will have to be a little more creative for the background greens. I have chosen these two greens to use out of my dyed stash.
This is the freezer paper traced and cut and then ironed onto the darker green which will go on the lighter green.
Here is the first section, ironed on, with a selvege that has been painted with spray starch and ironed under for a nice clean edge.

Here is the very first portion of green added. In hind sight, I could have split this piece for easier handling but it's done now so that's that. I need to finish the green today, all the while trying to figure how to tackle the edges of white in all the circle parts. I have saved this 'Jabba' and 'Hill and Dale' for last in this group because they are a construction nightmare. I am taking it slow and doing it step by step so that I don't get nuts and screw it up. It's been known to happen. I know, you are shocked!!!


Gayle from MI said...

These are all so great. Thanks for sharing the pieces and the process.

Karen said...

I have to laugh at your last statement about screwing up. I am the same. Not only in quilting, but in driving. When I am going somewhere that I have never been, I always make one wrong matter how good the directions. Once I have that out of my system, the rest of the trip is a breeze. (thank goodness I don't usually go very far before I realize my mistake)

Mechelle said...

I really like this one - can't wait to see it BIG! I wonder if white felt would work for the white parts - would give nice dimension!