Monday, March 14, 2011

On A Roll

This is the piece I am working on that is now finished being pieced. The 'trunk' on the big pieced one goes down the appropriate length; it's just that my rolling ironing/cutting cart was in the way and it would have been major furniture moving to reconcile so at eleven last night, I chose to keep it where it was and take my chances with the picture. Actually, now that I think about it, I never repositioned my working space since my sis and friends were here and we moved everything to accommodate all five of us instead of just me. 'The Monmouth Tearful Tree' is about 46 x 60 now, but it will shrink a bit with quilting and facing. The original small 'Tearful Tree' is completed although it has a big bend in it because it was on the back of a chair and my friend was sitting in it and creased it a bit. It will eventually fall out and be straight again.

I think I will give myself a break today and just do some knitting and cleaning the studio. Tomorrow is soon enough to tackle the quilting. I have finished nine art quilts since the second week in January, so that would be nine weeks and that gives me a lot of satisfaction. This resist work has given me a lot of ideas and that always seemed to be my stumbling block.

So, last night I asked G about a probing question I have after each of the endings of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. 'If you would like to date the next bachelor or bachelorette, please go on line to - bla bla'. I would like to try and see how far I could get and I told G that I would send in a real, today picture, and he said, 'you may want to airbrush it a bit.' You gotta love him!!

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pam in sw florida said...

Hi T
You know, I think you have accomplished what so far has eluded me. To make something really different out of fabric and piecing.

Love this new work.

Pam in SW Fl