Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty In Pink

"Hey, what's this thing that keeps popping up in front of me? Okay, I am gonna grab it. Oops!
It's gone again. " That is what Violet said when she noticed her hand for the first time. Or so I think.

Do you have a hard time taking your eyes off of this little lady? I sure do!!!

American Idol is so good this year that at eleven contestants, I am hard pressed to pick someone that will be eliminated. I know that Thia will not make it to the end (she's too young and forgettable) and there are several that are so good that they could bail this minute and end up being a star. Scotty is as good as any country singer out there, including my fave, Garth Brooks. And I think he is seventeen. I can't imagine how cute he will be when he needs to start shaving!!! Saving Casey last week was what I would have done but his unique talent appears to not help with the votes.
If he gets voted off today, he will make it anyway. Kaisha (sp?) is very quirky and very talented but I doubt that she could ride it to the end. Someone needs to help her in the clothing selection. Paul is starting to be the same ole' same ole' but is star quality non the less. There is always room for a Rod Stewart. I guess I am getting old when the rocker is no longer my favorite; I usually go for them first and although Mike is good, he seems a little over the top but without the charisma that Adam Lambert has.. Stefano is a beautiful singer. Lauren is perfect and young. Who am I missing? Pia has tried out for Idol before. I have to guess that she must have been getting mentoring between tryouts because besides having a perfect face and body, her voice is flawless. Haley was the best she has ever been last night but I don't think she has the fan base to go to the end. Jacob could be as big a star as Jennifer Hudson. That's my take.
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Irene said...

Violet is absolutely adorable!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't take my eyes off her either! She must be the cutest little redhead ever!!!!!

Millie said...

I think you're becoming a 'SHOW-OFF' grandma. Welcome to the club.