Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Process

How cute is this. Bella took out half the toys out of her studio bed but kept one disgusting one to hug. She has been a little depressed lately. She got the haircut from hell. The groomer claimed that she picked up the wrong tooly thing that cuts real short and so the bulk of her body is very very short. I am actually afraid that she will get sunburned on her daily walks. I don't know if dogs get sunburned but I know that the sun hurts their eyes in the long run. She has decided to sleep it off.
Back to 'Jabba'. I decided to
do an overlay of white and then I can put the individual parts onto it.
There are only 14 circles that aren't connected and so I will back those circles with a circle of white. I will show how I am doing it when I get a little farther.


Anonymous said...

Tommy, yes they do get sunburned. Bea had a sunburn last summer. There is a sunscreen for dogs, that I just read about, but can't for the life of me know where I read it...but it was just this week.

Mary Ann said...

Well, Bella the difference between a bad and a good hairdo is 6 weeks. It probably is uncomfortable in the hot sun maybe she needs to wear a T shirt. Poor baby!