Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain Away

This little pig that I saw on the facebook page that I have to open to play Scrabble is quite fitting this morning. We awoke before seven to cracking thunder that was as loud as I have ever heard. After the second strike I thought it would be fitting to go around and close all the open doors and windows and to let Bella out before the promise of a storm started. I got the windows and doors closed but getting dressed enough to take the dog out never happened.

The trees were sideways so G says it must have been around 50 mph winds. This decorative
container that is out on the lanai got this much water. It's about five inches in this vase but I am sure that isn't an accurate measure. We can't leave the end of the driveway without a fishing license (all the water, get it?)
and everything is clumped together. Electricity immediately went off and so with no hope for the morning coffee anytime soon, we all went back to bed for three hours!!! It was that dozy kind of on and off sleep which I love. The power just went back on so I am starting my day considerably later than normal. All I can think about is lunch!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah-h-h, that dozy kind of sleep is pure heaven...when it accidentally happens. Another day in paradise..just started a little what!

Robbie said...

We got the same storm here in Ocala but ours was last night. This a.m. I did get Mandy out with her boots on while it was just a drizzle..she still didn't like getting wet!