Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Removal

I am hustling around to get a couple quilts finished for a silent auction that I promised way back when. I prefer to have things done in advance so that there is no pressure but sometimes that just doesn't get done. I am taking a little break to watch the removal of palm tree number four and five being taken down. The last two cold winters reeked havoc on the lawn.
One guy cuts into the base of the tree enough that when the rope tied to the top of the tree gets yanked, the tree
topples, sending the landscapers scattering.
The chain saw they use is so tiny that I am amazed that it can do the job, but it does. They cut these coins of tree and one at a time, put them over their head and walk them to the truck.
Each trip is a good half a block or more, by the time they go completely around the house and out to the street. I am guessing that these guys don't need to go to the gym!!!

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Beth said...

Must be getting paid by the hour, too. Wouldn't it be more efficient to bring a wagon/wheelbarrow and load a few in at a time?? :)