Thursday, March 24, 2011


I should probably have pride and wait to photograph and show the newest completed quilt, 'Big Ole' Tearful Tree'
after all the wrinkles are but alas I am just gonna show it now anyway. I finished quilting, facing and sleeving it and then it went into the chair while I went on to other things and Bella decided that she would roost in the very same chair for a couple hours after coming home from the groomers. She did a little nesting and hence the substantial wrinkles. I am very pleased with the piece and like that it is quite large, compared to the stuff I have completed this year. It measures 44 x 57 1/2.
Here is a close up of the finished pieced quilt.
This is 'Melting Popsicles' and it was the first quilt of 2011 but after looking at it on the design wall and weighing other opinions, I decided that the popsicle itself needed more quilting in it to make the overall quilting more harmonious. I added twice as much
and prefer the look. Finishing this last quilt makes my count of finished quilts add up to ten (art quilts, that is) this year . I can tell you that not having nearly as much company and social life (self inflicted) has helped me be more productive. I can usually do the no brainer stuff with many distractions, but designing and figuring out how to construct doesn't come easy and takes my whole concentration. That means no tv, no books on tape; just thinking and doing. The color choices seem to just come to me and of that, I am glad because I have lots of friends that struggle with that more than anything else. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. My New Year's hope was to complete a quilt a month. I really think that actually saying that in my head made me more grounded and gave me the incentive to stay home a little more and get stuff DONE, instead of it rattling around in the old head.

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Susan Turney said...

Lol, I'm sure Bella thought she had just lucked out with a new blanket!
I love Popsicles and I loved reading about your process.