Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rocks For Brains

I had an amazingly lazy day yesterday. My friend Regina left to go back home in the morning and other than taking the dog to dog park, I pretty much sat on my butt and played scrabble. It almost gets dizzying and you forget what time of day, and even what the date is. I didn't even have on music, a book on cd or the tv.
It's time to get stuff done.
I had started the task of preparing the large quilt top for quilting. I found an appropriate backing fabric and the batting got cut and I layered the thing and started the slow pinning process.
I think this was Friday morning. So the whole thing was ready for quilting. I was waiting for my friends to arrive and thought I could get in a half hour or so of quilting so I threaded my machine (starting with the black outsides). Then I spied something that I can't believe
overlooked; shadowing. I didn't cut out the black backing close enough to the seam
so that it didn't show through the light colored fabrics. Oh, I hate when I do a ton of time consuming work and it has to be undone. I removed the pins and spent a good two hours
cutting away the black from the back so that this orange and yellow among other colors would look pristine and unblemished by the peeking black. It is now re pinned and that is what I will tackle today. It's a beautiful ,perfect, 80ยบ day; what else would a normal human be doing?

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spikemuffin said...

You, and your Scrabble partner need some serious detox!