Monday, March 28, 2011

Taking Care Of Business

This is so typical of me. I left this blog from yesterday in the draft section instead of the publish now one. Here it is; a day late.

We got some much needed rain before dawn this morning. The rain down here seems to be so much more intense, but it's probably because it rains so seldom.

As promised I went into G's boudoir and confiscated one of his Hanes. I based Bella's tee shirt on a sweatshirt she wears in the winter when it get's really cold. It was bitterly cold when we headed down here and so for the first day of travel she had it on and so I happen to have it here.
Here is the finished product. I made it a little longer because of the lousy haircut. Almost immediately after she donned it,
she took up residence on a chaise in the sun. The only thing I didn't like was the neck. The original tee didn't have enough stretch to make the neckline smaller than the pattern of the other parts.
I actually hand rolled and sewed the hem. I knew that it would be a mess on the machine and it was so tiny that I decided to do it by hand. I remember doing that for the kids too. My stuff is way too big to bother. Now my little girl has a little bit of protection when she is out for any long length of time.

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