Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tons of Tunes

Have you seen the commercial where a Stanley Steemer guy is outside his truck, obviously on garbage pickup day and hugging an old roll of stained carpeting and saying, 'I could have saved you!!!!' And then he ambles away, distraught? It's another very very good commercial. Is this trend of mine maybe telling me that I may be watching too much TV?
I got some fun mail yesterday!!! It was from Studio Art Quilt Associates and it was a set of note cards. I happened to get a set because my '12 Tunes' just
happened to be selected to be included in the bunch.
I feel honored.
And now I have to get busy!!!! The much larger pattern is copied and on the slider (backwards on purpose), ready for freezer paper pattern pieces. I have the fabric selected except for the background which was too peachy so I added some pink dye and now it's too pink so I sent it back to the washing machine with some clorox and and waiting it's outcome. I don't get why I feel the need to completely go for the matchy matchy of the original painted piece and this just may be the time when I say "HEY TOMMY!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!' Maybe.


Millie said...

Hey, Tommy...get over make work for yourself

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to use white distilled vinegar in the rinse cycle to set your colors.

Anonymous said...

How about the Traveller's Insurance commercial where the dollhouse and the occupants are all shuffled around inside the house and some fall out into the carpeting?