Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walk The Walk

Spring is definitely in the air down here in Florida. It has been several days since I have seen even a cloud in the sky and today is no exception. We take a power walk every morning and it seems to get earlier and earlier due to the mid 80ยบ weather. It takes it's toll on Bella after about a half hour of walking. She can do the hour but she needs a break half way through. Our new pattern is to take her dog stroller and she hops in when she is tired. It also holds me upright and makes me use good posture. Lots of time we walk and check our mailbox. It's handy to have the stroller if we get a package or lots of mail. Eventually, as it gets hotter, we will have to change our walking time to sunset, when it cools down. I know, such problems!!!

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vivian said...

I bought my dog Trixie a dog stroller. She loves it! She's pretty old and can't keep up so it was a perfect solution. I also get a good workout pushing it up hills!