Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What Doin'? As Maggie Would Say

Here we have 'Lorena, Lorena' completed except for the facing and sleeve.
I finished quilting this and decided that the original 'Lorena Bobbitt'
needs some quilting in the bobbers, just as
'Melting Popsicles" needs more quilting
in the bobber itself. I haven't gotten to that yet. Maybe I will skip lunch today and get that done. Hahahahaha.
This is my latest resist piece. No name as yet but it kinda reminds me of a tree or a fork laden with food. The resist lines were white as before but after the resist (glue) was washed out, I painted the white lines black. It was a bit tedious and now that I am seeing this photo, I realize that there is still some slight white showing that I will have to take care of before I heat set the paint. I take it back; After staring at it I like the slight white showing through. I just thought of my next piece. Not what the content is but that fact that I will leave part of the lines white and part a color. That may be a while in the making. I seem to have more ideas than hours.


sistersoftheart said...

I am so loving the painted pieces! Have you tried applying more glue over previously painted areas yet? Does it still act as a resist?

Anonymous said...

Love the new piece!