Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Windy City

My grandparental visit is over and I am back home in Florida. Little Violet is quite something. She went to the doctor yesterday and weighs in at the 50% mark, at 11 lbs, 4 oz. I have a hundred pictures of her that I have to go through. Some will just have to go.

Here are some random pictures that I seem to take and can't stop myself. The boutique hotel we stayed in for our Chicago visit was once again Hotel Felix. We loved it before and figured out that maybe we should try it again.
In my room Priceline neglected to tell me that the desk chair is indeed there but it can't fit in front of the desk. I think the room was a closet at one time. I got out of that room quick.
I am such a chicken, I made Micky call down at the desk for me to change rooms. What are friends for, right?
We went to a new restaurant for breakfast, Eggsperience and I just loved the ceilings noise reducers that were shaped like eggs. All the art on the walls were of eggs. I didn't photograph those so as to not bother the other customers. The food and service was excellent.
On the way back from breakfast we passed another boutique hotel that
had this container full of dog biscuits and a lovely water bowl right outside their revolving door. I have often seen similar sightings for the canines but not with such a stylish look.

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maggie z. said...

you are such a big chicken! i seem to recall one other hotel room upgrade in south beach!!!violet is a peach..so sweet..love the hair, glad you went to see her..must have been great..welcome home....