Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Animal Crazies

It's time for an animal update. Monday's are very busy for us because it's the day the gardeners come and boy do they come. It's like three year olds on the beach; all of a sudden they are here and coming from every direction. Bella loses at least two pounds on Mondays, running from the front of the house to the sides, to the lanai ,to the studio, barking in their faces and they just laugh, which makes her even crazier. When it's over, she comes into the studio and stretches out on the tile and immediately falls asleep, exhausted.
Yesterday, when she got her second wind, she awoke and started to investigate, making sure there were no more humans prowling the grounds. I followed her barking, thinking she was looking at an iguana or a gecko and on close inspection
saw that she spent fifteen or twenty minutes barking at a leaf that was caught in between the screen and the slider. The wind made it move just enough for her to fall for the falsehood. It's like a leaf babysitter!!!
At least an hour of my day is spent on the Owlet. It's a three week old baby owl (parents not far from it) that fell out of it's nest ten days ago. Rather, the nest fell out of the tree and so too did the baby. The fire department came with a cherry picker and a basket and relocated the baby back in the tree, with the concerned parents looking on. The babe never took to the basket and in the last two weeks, managed to hop from the 30 foot branch to land in the front of a near by church. I need a zoom lens for my 35mm because I couldn't get a decent picture and so borrowed this picture from the paper.

My friend Wendy just sent me this picture; much better!

This is the housing project that the owlet lives in. She has been redeposited more than once. If the timing is right, we figure that flight for the wee one should be soon. We went for a visit mid day and at sunset yesterday to see if the babe was fledged but it got dark and there was no take off. I am anxious to see what's going on today. It's been fun to follow that beginnings of this baby owl. She is so damn cute!!!!

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