Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinking Around.

My plan every morning first thing is to start the painting of my four new resist pieces. I don't want to take my inks and paints home and do it so I have to have them completed and dry in the next two weeks because then I will be heading home. The problem with this plan is it's been 90ยบ or thereabouts every day and it gets too hot and muggy after mid morning. The power walk is essential so the applying of sunscreen comes right after coffee and a half hour later comes the walk. Sweatieness (my new word) takes a while to overcome and then comes the grooming. Before you know it, the morning is fast approaching noon. I thought I would get a heads up by putting my painting supplies out on the lanai, glaring at me, and make myself do at least a bit a day. We'll see how that goes because it's in place and ready to go. I neglected to wash the table tho' and so that's the first snafu. Time will tell. Oh, I try to fit in the blog while the sunscreen is sinking in. That's where I am now.
I shall continue with the construction of the new piece. I cut the pattern pieces out. I do the iron under edges with the paint brush and spray starch and tape them in place and then sew down.
After they are sewn down, I slit the back or remove it completely and remove the freezer paper (am I saying all this stuff too much?)
For the roundish shapes I do a very small running stitch around the 1/4 inch and then gather just enough to have a relatively smooth edge. These are then ironed flat.
So, here we have the original quilt on the left and the new pieced one to the right. The original piece was just a piece of white fabric with shapes sewn down.
Here it is again with all the background white for the circle shapes sewn down. That's as far as I got. Have a Very Happy Easter.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! I think this one is my favorite.

Denise in Sacramento