Saturday, April 09, 2011

Flower Power

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to spy the owl in the banyan tree again. I was told by her that the owl was roosting on the cross on top of the methodist church a couple days ago. When we found the horned owl in the tree, she said that someone told her that there were two babies. We looked and looked and unbelievably to me, I found one. It was almost like it was camouflaged because it was the same color as the tree and it's little face looked kinda like a kitten face. Of course, I had no camera to prove it but the little owl could have been a knot in the tree, it was so well hidden. The removal of the cataracts has indeed improved my sight.
The weather is very hot and sticky; not the Florida weather I like. The weather must be affecting the plant life here at Casa Fitzsimmons. None of my fruit trees are bearing fruit or flower. I have no grapefruit, orange, lemon or key lime (not shown; it's in the front yard and I would have to get up to photograph that!)
The vining around the studio has finally bloomed this year and the fragrance is wonderful. I
have to admit that I have no idea what the plants are but it smells great. Out of the eight gardenia bushes I have,
only three have any flowers. Usually there are tons of blooms but sadly, this year there are only a half dozen. What's going on?

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Mechelle said...

I think the sweet smelling one is Confederate Jasmine.