Monday, April 11, 2011

Hungry Girl

Just check out our bountiful harvest.
Have you ever seen such large tomatoes? They are ridiculously tiny even for patio tomatoes.

I happened on a cooking show called Hungry Girl this weekend on the Cooking Channel which I never watch. She was very interesting and I decided to try her Denver Omelette in a Mug. It is simple and excellent and only has 122 calories and 0.75g fat.
You start with a mug that you spray with cooking spray. To that you add green pepper and onion (I used scallions) and nuke it for one minute. Oh, I will have the recipe on the Tommy Cooks blog.
You add egg beaters and stir and zap it for another minute. Then you take it out and stir
it and add
add cheese and ham. It said to nuke it for a minute but I found mine wasn't quite done so I did it another half minute. Maybe because I didn't measure the stuff I put in like I was supposed to. It is very good. G loved it. That's a good endorsement.

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