Friday, April 01, 2011

The Hut

This constitutes what I have done for the last couple days. The piecing is complete. I probably should have waited until daylight to take this photo because the flash makes the big background look different than it actually does. Whatever. I think, because the original quilt is named 'Jabba', that I shall name this quilt 'The Hut'. It just seems fitting and it has a bit of an igloo shape to it which could be considered a sort of hut. I will quilt it in the next day or so. I am getting tossed out of the studio for a whole day or more because there is a crew here taking all the insulation out of the attics and replacing it and one of the access doors is in the ceiling of the studio, directly overhead of my chair that I swivel back and forth from my computer to my sewing machine. It couldn't be in a worse location. Oh well, I have already decided to spend some time on the lanai table, doing some more resist drawing. I think that I shall gather up the supplies for that right now, before I forget.

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