Friday, April 15, 2011

It's All In Your Head

Alas, Paul was kicked off Idol last night. Mindi got in right under the gun!!

Group participants, do not stress; my 16th contribution is just a boring piece, nothing to write home about but when they are all together they will shine. And, if you don't want people to know which one is yours, that's fine too; you can claim the most gorgeous for your own. Your secret is safe with me. You will be thrilled with the outcome even if your section is done with crayons. Believe me, it's gonna be fine.

I was all ready to start a new project; the recomposing of 'Hill and Dale'. The black and white copy was transferred onto acetate and the overhead projector was set up and ready to go.
The pattern paper was taped together and ready for my copying skills. The night before
I completed the facing on the yet to be named piece and I only had to anchor down the sleeve to call it complete. Then my plan changed.

My daughter moved into a new office. Same firm, just a different office (I think it was a little bump up; shhhhh!). It has a very large wall space that she said was screaming for a quilt. I told her I would recreate anything at any size and any color or for that matter, start from scratch with any new idea she had. Quite quickly she chose the 'Tearful Tree' and with the same 'happy' coloring.

I could have just sent it off to her but I have this feeling in the back of my mind that I want to do something with this grouping and don't want to be the one to split up the 'twins'. And because her wall space is quite large, I thought I would maybe make it a tad bigger by adding a bit more to the right side. The problem with this is that I have to piece the background, both vertically and horizontally and I am worrying how to hide the seam. The up and down seam can be taken for a quilting line but not the other. I may just have to live with a seam showing. I've done worse.

I can't believe I made this in March and can't remember how I constructed it. I can't imagine that I made a pattern out of freezer paper for the massive black piece so I settled on just doing the tricky parts with paper.
It worked out just okay. I had some stretching issues on the left side that I would never
have had if the pattern weren't ironed on the back side. Speaking of the back side, this is a photo of the rear of the piece, after I cut away the peach background that I didn't need because it was taken over by the black. All that peach fabric is going to be used on the right side to add width because I am short on fabric that is identical and can go the same way on the grain. It's a learning curve, that's for sure. I think what I like about remaking of these pieces is the brainpower I have to use to construct them in a way that I would never have done in the past. Frankly, it's much more fun than playing bridge and you don't need to put on lipstick!

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You are a master...and I am in awe!