Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Something To Keep Up My Strength

Last night was my turn for girls night. What fun!!! For me, it's about the food generally. I was going to try some new recipes that I have gathered in the last few months but then decided to not take the time and went with some old standbys.
These first two are pretty much bread and milk on my list. Blue cheese tartlets are my very favorite and I just looked and they are NOT on Tommy Cooks but will be before the day is done.
These are very man friendly but I had a taste for filet so I made these mini beef wellingtons. I don't have a recipe for them. I just cut up beef tenderloin (with no fat at all) into bite sized pieces and give it a nice dose of s and p. I sear all sides in a screaming hot pan that contains a bit of canola oil. I take them out immediately and put them in the frig. I don't want them to continue to cook. When meat is that small it will do carry over cooking and considering the Pepperidge fact that I will still have to heat them before service, I don't want well done or even medium steak. It needs to be med rare to be the best. I mince mushrooms and shallots and saute them in a bit of evoo and a splash of marsala wine, followed at the end with s&p. I useFarm Frozen Puff Pastry and I put it through my pasta maker to get real thin. I use a piece of about 3" square. I put a piece of steak on the pastry and put a dab of the mushroom mix and a blob of gorgonzola and wrap like a egg roll. I put my hands in an already blended mix of an egg and a splash of water and rub them all over the pastry bundle. I spray parchment paper with non stick spray on a tray and put the wellingtons on and put in the freezer to freeze individually before I bag them all together. The thinner you make the pastry, the easier it is to betray you and create holes and stick so all these preventative measures are necessary to preserve the integrity of this wonderful bundle. Then, when ever you want, just plop the frozen blobs on a parchment lined sheet pan and heat until thawed and cooked through and shiny. Yum!
Mini BLT's are on Tommy Cooks, although it isn't rocket science to make them. The only thing is they have to be made at the LAST minute and I always cut my tomatoes first and keep them on a sheet or two of paper towel to get some of the moisture out and when I am putting these yummy morsels together, I make sure the tomato is in between the bacon and lettuce so it won't soften the bread too much and make it mooshy (new made up word).
Jean Ann's chicken salad was on the menu too and it's the first time I have ever made it but I have eaten it plenty in the last fifteen years. The recipe is just ingredients and you use your own taste buds to complete the amounts. Here goes: canned white meat chicken flaked with a fork, chopped celery, chopped cashews, quartered red grapes, mayo and original Mrs. Dash. I had to add my own whatever and so I added s & p, reduced calorie sour cream and I did not use the original Hellman's mayo but instead used the olive oil version which is the only one I now use. Add garden herb triscuits to the platter and you have a treat for sure.
I ended with my bruschetta (my sister Mike's favorite). It consists of tomatoes that are gutted except for the outsides and minced and placed to dry out on paper towels. When they are sufficiently dry I add lots of minced onion and my homemade pesto. I let those components mesh and right before service I spread it on diagonally cut french baguette crostini that I toasted in the oven the day before, spread with a tiny bit of olive oil on both sides. I topped these off with some freshly micro planed parm/reg and it's pretty much a no brainer that it is a crowd pleaser. There isn't much better that a girlfriend get together. Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

YUM! everything looked scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely deeeelicious looking and I am sure, deeeelicious tasting! Way to go, Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Those steak wellington things look good. I have asked Claudia to make them for me to take to MN in May but she won't. She is too lazy. Woe is me.
Your favorite brother,

Susan Turney said...

YUM! You've made me so hungry!

Millie said...

Mmmm....looks like it was all a hit