Monday, April 25, 2011

Mad Dash

I don't know about you but I am exhausted from the Easter egg hunt and I only got two eggs. I think that I may have to discontinue this yearly dash. Oh, and G ate three!

Let's get back to my studio. I do not know why
the coloring on this piece photographed so badly. It isn't remotely this color in real life. Let's just ignore that and notice the status of the thing. I now have all the top color pieces on the white ovals and then figured out how to handle the stems.
I went back to the window and traced the shapes of stems on vellum. Oh, these two pictures are out of sequence. I traced them, cut them out (below) and then taped these to white fabric (above) that has wonder under on the backside. I prefer taping to pinning much more, the longer I do it. It is much more exacting; not the distortion you get from the pinning.
I cut those out and they are waiting for me to start quilting. I will pin the quilt and then start from the middle and go around outlining all shapes on the white with the sewing machine, which I will do today. I figure I will save these tiny shapes from fraying by ironing them down right before I sew around them with the machine before tackling the actual quilting. We shall see if that works. I have to do it this because there is no way that I could turn under all those tiny shapes and make it look good.

The painting will continue today.
I set up my painting station but realized that I could not put all four pieces on the table. One had to sacrifice for now.
I originally thought that I would share paint left over to use on another but I felt like that was lazy and so started the painting kinda at the same time and then zeroed in on a particular one
as you can see from the one on the right, vs the two on the left. More later.


Robbie said...

Check the 'white balance' on your digital camera. If you are using the 'P' (Program Auto) setting and not 'auto' setting. Just go into your menu and scroll down. You'll see the 'white balance' and you can select different settings depending on the light/day/night. Tip my daughter taught me (she's the photographer in our family!).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these. I can't believe how you are turning the "resist" quilts into appliqued quilts. You are really making me want to try this!!! Dre in WA

dee said...

Really enjoying watching the process and the quilt.
Maybe next year you can dash with your little Violet...FUN!

Anonymous said...

I have to take a multivitamin just to have energy to read your blog....I cannot imagine a day in your fiber artist life...........BUT it is so fun to "watch!".