Monday, April 18, 2011

Pluggin' Away

I just can't believe how making this second large quilt a little bigger has kinda screwed me up and in the end, it may not be any bigger anyway. I finally got my rhythm going. I did learn a lesson doing this very quilt twice. I do not like shadowing and try to eliminate it always.
Any lighter fabric that I sew to the black background has to be treated special around the edges when I cut away the background and remove the freezer paper. If the black seam is longer than the color on top, you will see a black edging of the color, especially after you put the batting under it. It takes a lot of time to cut away the black and sometimes it has to be within a stitch or two of the seam.
This time, I left the underneath black fabric intact. Where I couldn't slide the paper out on the sides, I slit the back black to take the paper out and then just tacked the black slit seam together. There is no shadowing whatsoever. My machine quilting won't know the difference and it saved tons of time and eliminated the possibility that I could screw up and cut too close to the seam when removing the black shadow. Phew!!! I love learning something new.

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