Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Pain

To prepare for the Royal Wedding Party I had to first design my tiara.
I chose various pictures of the royal couple and put them on my tiara spikes (the other side is a mirror image). The color scheme matched my nite shirt (the only thing in my closet that was able to be worn in front of the public). I was ready.

For the event, I made beef wellington bites and English breakfast strawberries and cream mini muffins, all jazzed up in the Brit fashion. The alarm went off and I got on the already packed and bungi corded golf cart to pick up Wendy for the Wedding Party. Not 50 yards from the house something passed in front of the cart and scared the crap out of me and I stepped on the brake

only to loose everything to the street. I was distraught. I was out on the pitch black street (no street lights but I sure had my trusty camera), picking up glass and worrying that I was gonna be late, so I got my cell (the orange rectangle on the left) and called Wendy to tell her where I was and of my predicament only to realize that after ranting for a good thirty seconds, that I had called another friend that was sound asleep and to say the least, I was contrite.

I cleaned up the road and salvaged the wellingtons (they were bagged and frozen) and my tiara (unscathed). Wendy thought I slept in and was waiting anxiously a mile away on her golf cart. I told her of my dilemma and we proceeded on.
We arrived at the affair.
The joint was festooned with wedding accents.
I took some pictures I couldn't resist like this light fixture that looks like candles but wasn't at all but rather an electric chandelier. Very cool.
The eating area rug was actually painted tiles complete with fringe. Wow, I loved it. On to the festivities.
Joanne looked marvelous in her jammies and jewels (remember, this is five a.m.)
Wendy had her version of the Royal jewels, complete with a three dollar tiara jazzed up with fish and shells. No, she was not three sheets, I just caught her between sentences and made her look like she was wasted. Remember, it was five a.m.
Ann made her tiara out of Christmas decorations. Kate, our hostess looks
considerably more put together that the rest of us, complete with the cutest tiny tiara and silk pj's.
I hammed for the camera , complete with old mascara under the eyes but I did brush my teeth. Remember, it was 5 a.m. My rule of not making any appointments or get together's before eleven a.m. in order for the wrinkles on my face due to the pillow placement in the night was not followed this time.
We skipped the tea and crumpets and went right for the mimosas.
We had croissants with english butter and jams. I would have preferred scones but no one asked my opinion.
An egg pie was handy ( quiche for the non English) and Wendy made an amazing Toad in the Hole but my picture of it was fuzzy and worthless.
My wellingtons survived, along with the little Brit flags I made while watching Idol the night before from flags I downloaded from the internet, fashioned on toothpicks.
The front garden of the party site was spectacular and could be viewed much better in the light of the morning after the wedding was over. My only comment on the whole wedding was that it was perfect in every way except for the Queen wearing that atrocious yellow (on purpose), Fergie's daughters (they need style consultants) and Pippa, the sister of the bride, looked better than the bride (in my humble opinion).
The Royal Wedding Party still marked the site when we left a few hours later.
I forgot to have someone take a picture for Kathy of Wendy and I before we left so I just held the camera out and took this amazing shot. I should reconsider my career path and go more towards the photography and less towards the quilting.
Then, when I got home, I took another amazing shot, but this time it was of the glass festooned English breakfast strawberries and cream mini muffins, complete with the broken cake plate base. Sorry Nigella. I am sure it was a grand recipe.


Robbie said...

no, don't reconsider your career path! Although, you have taken better pictures! This was fun to see..I was too lazy and just set TIVO and watched it when I got up at 7 a.m. It does look like you all had a great morning! And fun!!

Reggie said...

I know how antsy you get when people don't comment so......very impressive. I had 5 friends over here and all I did was make scones and English tea. I didn't even remember to get champagne or OJ. They were all gone by 7
AM and the man didn't even wake can check out OUR pix on FB......tally ho

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome party! But did you find out what scared you on the golf cart? Was the painted tile floor actually painted on tiles that were already there? Is this something I can have done?