Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Screen Test

I am very surprised that I stuck with it and finished painting my resist pieces. It is hotter than hell here. This is the hottest season I have spent in Florida and I am not real excited about it. It would be different if I didn't have to lather up with the sunscreen so much. It is wrecking everything. The plastic table that goes around one of my sewing machines ispermanently stained from my forearms resting on it while I quilt. I have tried everything to get it off. It's permeated into the plastic.
Leather has taken it's toll too. What looks like greenish color on this little loveseat where I do my hand work, is actually sunscreen stain. My leather seats in the car have the same damage. So, I ask myself, what is this shit doing to my skin? I have read that you are supposed to take sunscreen off each day when you don't need it anymore. Yeah, right.

My resist pieces are going round and round in the washing machine. I washed them all together and so thought to be on the safe side I would throw

one of these in. These things REALLY work. I'll let you know tomorrow. I need to run and put on after shower sunscreen. It's a vicious cycle!!!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You Betcha - and tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest so far!

I'm in the AC house and working on my slice!

I do my walking at Joann's, Publix, Lowes, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. Don't need sunscreen in any of them.

dee said...

we're having strange spring heat as well. Near 80 today. That's very unusual for the island. Not happy about it at all. Spring is my best walking and beachcombing season. Before the crowds arrive it's good for a brisk walk am & pm. Grrrrr.

Robbie said...

Have you tried the Mr. Clean eraser on the sewing table and/or couch?