Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Dye For

I decided to dye my hair again. It just seemed to be the right thing. I think that because I am so very fair, that until I am way into my 60's, I need the color boost. It was kinda funny because the deal is, I do the front roots and G does the back. So when I went to do the job, I had G on stand by. I was at the sink with all supplies in hand and had the brush up to my roots and realized that, DUH, I don't have any roots!! Sometimes I am such an idiot. So, for the first time in my life, I did an overall color. It doesn't look that much different but it's a mind set and I am happy that I made the change. At least now I know what I will look like with gray hair and I am not scared of it. It so sucks to get this old!!!
As yet unnamed, I completed quilting the last of the first seven resist pieces. I am thinking that because this is the biggest piece, I may do the opposite with it and make the quilt smaller when I piece it. Also, I learned a big lesson with this piece. After you have it down flat and paint it, it is best to just leave it to dry instead of picking it up and moving it to another spot to dry faster. Lots of the dye remained on the table and made the colors much duller than I would have liked. I still like it tho' but it wasn't what I pictured when I painted it. It is now ready to face and sleeve.

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dee said...

The egg thing sounds like it might be good. Reminds me of the egg in a ziplock bag thing. No photos of the hair???
Loving the new resist pieces.