Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here is the completion of 'Tearful Tree Too' (thank you Claudia). It is for my darling daughter's new office space. It is six inches wider than the original to accommodate a large wall. She has decided to go with a quilt rather than those stuffy old law books that all the other offices have. Way to go Maggie!!!
Hanging the quilt has to fit in more to her personality a little better than the traditional quilt hangers. She opted for a variation of a alligator clip (anyone need a charge?) to hang TT2.
I force fed long nails in the clips and dolled them up with quilt appropriate colors of beads and these will be nailed into the drywall and then clipped in the corners of the quilt and Voila! It'll be hung!!! I did a trial nailing in my garage drywall (to save her office walls of lots of damage) to figure out where to nail these in because of the angle of the nail. It ended up to be 2 3/4" away from the quilt. Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

You are so clever....and so precise!
I marvel at your escapades.