Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wake Up And Smell

I have been keeping myself busy this past week. G went home to do some work and see Violet, the Hawks play and to be there for the annual get together with his men folk (son included) for the White Sox home opener. We picked him up at the airport yesterday and all is back to normal. Bella is very happy not to constantly look out the front door for him.

Yes, you are all right; it is jasmine. And to think that I thought that was just the name of a Disney character. Who knew?
I am not the only one that loves the fragrance of this flower.
There are multiple hummingbirds coming around to take part in the beautiful blooming
and they kinda take my mind off of what I am doing when they constantly come around. They are a very curious little bird and I have always had a keen interest in them. They appear to be larger here than up north and you certainly don't have to put the feeders out down here like you do up north to get a good look at them.

I have finished my portion of the 16 part group quilt that I organized last December but can't show it (or rather, won't) until the other 15 parts are mailed to me. They are due by May 3rd and I can't wait to see them and figure out just how I will display them for a possible show. I am quilting my last resist work from the original group and this will make the 12th quilt that I have finished since the end of January. I have reached my original number of finished quilts for the year, with out even consciously doing it. That is not to say that I don't have lots more up my sleeve. It isn't often I have more ideas than time; it's usually the opposite. Hurray!!


Gayle from MI said...

I plan on finishing mine up today.

Robbie said...

I showed my 1/16th piece at weaver's meeting yesterday! It will be in the mail to you on Monday! Love the pics of the hummingbirds! I've only see one here in Florida this year! He was right next to us on the front porch!