Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Way He Was

For some reason, the internet was on when I woke up. I don't get it because the guys are still up in the bowels of the attic but I don't plan on complaining. Anyway, besides being so hot and humid that everything is sticky, all is well at the casa. I was talking to my Maria last night and of course the subject was Violet and realized that she didn't know that Peter was a redhead for the first six to eight months of his life.
This is a picture of a picture I took to show her what he looked like at six months. That halo on top of his head is not that at all; it's my photographing skills at their best. This next picture of Peter was taken when he was about 18 months. By then, he went from being a complete dark red head to a strawberry blond and then to
almost white hair. The beauty of this picture is that I somehow captured his drool suspended. Can you see it just before it hits his already soaking with drool shirt? When friends were here and they were looking around and noticed this picture of Peter, I realized that although it was not in direct sunlight, just being in such a sunny climate had faced the picture considerably. It is in an oval frame and you can see the color change, especially around the bottom rim where the frame preserved some of the original color. I immediately took the picture out of the frame and took a picture of it, so that if further damage is done, I can still keep a portion of the original. Anyway, Peter could always manage to get a wet mark on his clothing within an hour of dressing. He went through quite a good amount of clothing back in the day!!

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Mechelle said...

You can get glass that is UV protected so the photo won't fade anymore - frameing shops sell it.