Friday, April 22, 2011

Whack Job

I got my hair cut last week and realized that I wanted the top back cut shorter. These hairdressers always say to let me know if you want anything changed and I thought that for once I was gonna take them up on it. I made an appointment and went yesterday at the scheduled time. After fifteen minutes in the waiting area, I was ushered into the main salon and given a smock and a chair right next to the girl that cuts my hair, who was highlighting some one else. After ten minutes of their gossiping I moved to another wait station. I probably would have stayed and listened if I knew who the hell they were talking about but I didn't so was getting pissed. This move didn't last long because I all of a sudden just took off the smock and left the building. I first went to check on the baby owl (still gone; he/she flew the coop) and then I went home and cut my own hair. So there.

The remaking of 'Hill and Dale' has started. It's a little more difficult than the predecessors but I feel that I can muddle through.
The black and white phote gets printed on acetate and goes under the overhead projector light and is traced on paper.
The paper gets taped to the biggest light box I have, my sliders. I put it up backwards so that the freezer paper pattern pieces will end up going the right way. I give either numbers or letters or symbols (my personal favorite) to each snippet of shape and then cut out the patterns
and iron them on to freezer paper. That's where I am so far. So far, so good.


Millie said...

As I always do unbelievable work. As for the hair......great minds think alike......I chopped/cropped my own hair

Maggie said...

Like mother, like daughter. I went in for a bang trim appointment, and after sitting there 25 minutes for a cut that takes less than 2, I got up and left. I will not be going back.

Kathy said...

OK Whack Job,
Love you take on the Salon. Very entertaining.
I to came home and proceeded to cut my own hair.
Why oh why are we paying for these so called professionals.