Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Big Day

Violet's christening day has arrived. We will be taking off soon for the festivities. A few changes in her outfit have been put in place.
The only shoes I could find to fit her were these precious size 1 sandals and one day ago they would have been fine. Now unfortunately, the weather has gone from the 80's to the 50's. These probably don't give her enough coverage. Cute socks will fit the bill nicely. After all, her dress is long.

The bonnet has been given the heave ho due to it just being too much. In it's place I made this flower out of ribbon and put a tiny dot of velcro sewn to the back to catch a few wisps of hair between the two parts. It should be just fine with the very ornate coat and dress. She will look divine!
Both my kids wore my dad's christening gown. I happened to be the pregnant one when we were going through mementos after my grandfather died. Here was this dress and slip all yellowed with the beginnings of dry rot but I resurrected and managed to hold it together for both kids. It meant a lot to me.

After a few years I had it mounted archival in a shadow box. This picture is very poor

but it depicts the full name of my dad and his christening date as well as my kids and their dates. It was not fit to wear anymore so this was the best way I could think of to preserve it. I check it out each time I go into the laundry room.


Karen said...

What an exciting and memorable time. Enjoy!

dee said...

hope you have a perfect day. What a treasure that gown is. So sweet.

Robbie said...

How wonderful to have this as a keepsake!! And to then pass on to your grand children!!