Monday, May 30, 2011

Bjorn, To Be Wild

We have had a lovely weekend. I will discuss food and whatever later but I gotta show you an exhausted Violet. The weather sucked; we had tornado warnings, violently massive winds and still by six p.m. it changed full circle and was lovely. That was the time to have Pete put on the Baby Bjorn and show Violet the beach and water. From the minute she was strapped into the contraption, the cooing started. For forty five minutes she was a glow. This is not to say that she wasn't a trooper through out the day; she was, but this love of traveling through an experience strapped in the Bjorn is altogether different. When we all finally returned to the house and Pete had to quickly use the facilities, he nestled Violet into pillows on a guest room bed; (we had used this room's door to access the outside).
She remained there for a good five minutes, not moving, not acknowledging anything; just savoring the moment and so exhausted she could not smile. Finally after five minutes or so were up, her mom came in the room and this is the most we could coax out of her. Ok, I need to picture this again. She can't sit by herself or anything like that; she is strapped onto the chest of her father and goes outside for, let's say a half hour walk along the water, and not exerting any energy of her own except for cooing noises, comes in in a stupor like she just finished a 26.2 mile run. Is that that fresh air thing I have heard about?


Margie said...

So adorable. I'm hoping for another grandchild.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear she likes the beach! Maybe she'll be anxious to visit often?