Monday, May 09, 2011

Did You Need To Know That?

On the road, G and I do constant talking but not the regular stuff. We go for things on the radio, something someone said when we received a phone call, a bill board, whatever. So, in looking at my history on my iPhone of all the stuff I googled this is what we learned:

First, Sirrus changed everything in the past week. This is the satellite radio that merged with XM and has changed all the channels at least five times since the merge took place, and the last change being a few days ago got us all a flutter when we headed out for our 1400 mile drive home. G mentioned that he couldn't find my Martha ( yeah, that Martha) channel which was on preset 6. Our previous traveling stations were Playboy, Howard Stern, All Audio Porn and a touch of Dr. Laura. So, I was frantically looking for alternative attractions. I brought lots of stuff to occupy my time; hand quilting, last week and the current issue's of US and People and Food Network Magazine but I can literally go through those in fifteen minutes because I refuse to read anything about any star that is under the age of 20.

So I went to Google as my salvation.

Before we were even on the expressway we saw a nice clean Ford F150 that had SALT LIFE on the back window, and the letters were rather large, so it was noticeable. My first google of the day awarded me the salt life explanation. It roughly stands for a local, not a snow bird, but it's a local that uses the locality to its limits; meaning it's a fisherman, boater, someone that takes advantage of the warmth and water - all of which I do not. Hence, I had no clue what it meant, but then G, the consummate fisherman (not!!) didn't either so that's that.
And so now in descending order of what we googled:

Neon Trees is a alternative band out of Provo, Utah with a great sound( we found 'the pulse' on channel 10 Sirrus) from a bunch of Mormons that don't do any of the nasty, typical band stuff like drinking, smoking and drugs. It's three Mormon guys and a druggie, drinking gal who didn't believe in anything and at 21, meeting a totally clean guy, had an epiphany. All of a sudden she embraced her religion and cleaned up her act and all fell into place. This group is touring the world and without a glass of wine. Something seems so wrong with that to me. That's all I'm saying.

There is so much that I do have to consolidate. Our house alarm has been going off alot and the company calls us as well as the police but we never hear back from anyone. So this time I called the police department and found that we have something wrong with our system and it's been sending out false signals at least a couple times a week and the police always check. You'd think that would have called and told us, but no? Very odd. The alarm needs adjusting this week for sure.

Joann Woodward is still alive. Jennifer Grant is Cary Grant's only child. I saw her and Diane Cannon in Deer Valley at a coffee shop in the skiing season. She wrote a book about him. You pronounce Orianthi (or e on ttthe-the t is like a stutter). Did you know that you can type in pronounce a word and it shoots you to uTube and it has a mini video that sounds it out? Barbara Bach is still married to Ringo and her sister Marjorie married Joe Walsh (former Eagle). They are in their seventies. Ringo's first wife Maureen died of leukemia several years back. He had his three kids with her.

I have lots more stuff but now I am boring myself. So I will end with a few points. The Harley Davidson Fatboy motorcycle was named after the two atomic bombs, Fatman, and Littleboy that we dropped in WW2. The Secret Service has two parts; the one that protects the big wigs and the other that has to do with investigating crimes against the treasury department. And last but not least is that some insurance companies can refuse coverage if you have what they call possible threatening dogs; i.e. Dobermans, Rotwiellers, Pit Bulls and German Shepards. Did not know that.

We are home safe and sound and now I have the daunting task of putting away. It's always the worst part of coming and going. That's my day.


Margie said...

You should try the truckers channel sometime. If it is still in existance. We once spent a whole day with that.

Diane said...

Glad your home safe. We were travelling last week during the change on the radio. They took off some of our favorite channels. :(

Robbie said...

What a great post! Gave me a few chuckles! Glad you are safe and sound and back home!

spikemuffin said...

Joe Walsh still with the Eagles. Don Felder not.