Tuesday, May 17, 2011

'Eye Candy'

I started the blog yesterday and then got a note via email from a friend about a question on the entry form for Houston. I went into panic mode and everything shut down in my brain except deciding on whether I was gonna apply and then when that question was decided on as affirmative,
I had to get to work, as the deadline is only two weeks away and the Houston show has a entry deadline of being in the office rather than postmarked. You have to do it early in anticipation of some catastrophic delivery meltdown happening which seems to happen to me, that is, if I even think about it before the deadline comes and goes. I spent two and a half hours deciding what to enter, re learinig how to mark them and get them on a disc, and after reading the 12 pages of the entry prospectus, trying to get the photo down to 4 x 6 and having a border showing so that all sides of the quilts are in view. Phew! After that, the blog went to the way side and I decided that bacon and eggs were the way to finish the morning.

Anything that you enter in the show has to be done by Jan 2009 and so I chose two of last years work because I am not as yet willing to part with my new pieces. They need to stay home for a bit.
'Rocky I' and
'Insides' were chosen to hopefully go to Texas in the fall.

Later yesterday I was happily surprised to receive a bunch of large post cards for the SAQA 2011 Silent Auction to commence in September. I happened to get them because I was luckily
one of the eight quilts chosen for the advertisement of the auction. My piece is the first one on the top. These quilts are 12" square but they have taken the liberty of squishing them to fit the format of the postcard. I am okay with that. This is what is on the other side of the postcard.

My 12" submission was in with the first five resist pieces I did in the spring. I submitted it in time to go to the big International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.
The piece is called 'Candyland'. Here is a close up of the detail
I did with embroidery floss in the white sections. Can you see the x's I put in? I am going to make this into a larger pieced work but decided to wait because it was in a show at the time I was gonna do it. I will finish that off some time this summer.


Karen said...

Congrats on the postcard and good luck at Houston!

dee said...

congrats Tommy. I love that piece. The colors are so great and I really like this resist work you are doing. Eye candy!