Sunday, May 01, 2011


I don't know why we were infested with 'lovebugs' this year but all of a sudden, Friday they were here.
So named because they seem to be doing the nasty all the time, they decided to populate my front door alcove. Thousands of them. It was pretty disgusting but now they are mostly dead. I hear their life span is not very long but I also heard that they can even fly in the conjugal
position (made that little phrase up). We couldn't use our front door. I took this picture of the nasty two of them this morning in the back of the house on a window. I should have taken the front picture yesterday but it was just creepy to me and not necessarily a photo opp. I think differently this morning, now that they are a few and manageable.

The big 'Hill and Dale' has been quilted and now I am putting on the stems. As I said before I traced the shapes on vellum and cut them out of fused white fabric.
Here is one placed where it is to go with the pattern off to the left for visual effect.
Here it is ironed into position and sewn down. Now I will finish up the quilt today. I should be fast work. There are under thirty pieces to do. I gotta get crackin' because we head north next weekend for the summer and fall.


dee said...

It really is coming out beautifully. Fun to watch the progress too.

Anonymous said...

Get crackin"??????? All you know is "fast and furious"; another reason to love you. You accomplish so much.