Sunday, May 15, 2011

Her First Party

Saturday was blustery and grey and wet and cold. It was 90º two days ago!!! Anyway, the weather
in no way dulled the center of attention. This is the first picture of Violet that I took and she was still in her car seat just chillin' and absorbing the actionin the church, waiting for the christening to insue.
Here she is with her mom and dad, practicing her new habit of sucking her thumb. Actually she isn't thumb picky; she will do two fingers, a fist, whatever, she is very flexible. She can roll completely over now and is very strong. Mom looks grand and Peter, it appears, is getting into Captain Jack Sparrow mode.
Violet was baptized with four other wee ones (she was the cutest) and they were amazingly quiet and cry free; okay, well, maybe not completely.
We were at the luncheon later and realized that the overhead tv was very distracting for our little girl of the hour. She was constantly watching ESPN and Nascar racing.
Here she is with an attempt for a combover with her Godmother Maggie.
Little cousin Olivia did a little fussing with her.
She didn't touch her cake.
And in the end, she seemed to like to pass the time with grandpa watching a little more Nascar. Who needs a hat?


Gayle from MI said...

Oooohhh!!! She is a keeper for sure.

Karen said...

How precious...and photogenic! Congrats Violet.

Robbie said...

The Christening dress looks wonderful on Violet!!! nice job, Tommy!!

Cheryl said...

Violet is beautiful, so is her mommy!
Her daddy is silly :)

dee said...

Cute overload!!
What a great day it must have been.

Irene said...

She is absolutely adorable and her dress looks beautiful on her. I'm sure you are right and she was the cutest one there ;-)