Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Love You This Much!

Here is my Bella. She is looking out the window longingly because we were getting ready to go to the beach when it started to rain.
She knows that the walk is in jeopardy and is trying to get over it. Maybe the little storm will not last.
I finished up the baby present to my new little cousin, Javier (I love the name!) last night while watching the finals of Biggest Loser and DWTS. It is 35 x 43. These are the colors that are
in the nursery. I decided to put his name on the wall hanging in a not so permanent way so that if he happens to have a sibling, the name can be changed or even when he outgrows its purpose, It can be passed onto another wee one.


Irene said...

Adorable - and those baby shoes from the other day were just too damn cute!

I get the same look from Ben if his walk isn't happening. Who needs a personal trainer when you have those eyes looking at you to take them out.

Karen said...

Cute baby quilt. Love the personalization idea.

Robbie said...

Bella is SO cute!! She and Mandy could be sisters..except, Mandy is a little more 'large boned'. We don't tell her she's fat!

Robbie said...

Opps..the quilt is nice too!