Thursday, May 12, 2011

In A Flash

I have been seeing flashing in my peripheral vision for a few days. When we were driving home I had it but thought it was a part of a shiny car next to me. It is combined with floating dots. I know what floaters are; I have had them off and on for many years. This is something different. It's almost constant and they are very defined dots of black. The shiny peripheral thing doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it surprises me and startles me. I called my eye doctors' office (in Florida) and explained what was going on (thinking it might have something to do with my recent cataract procedures) and she told me to make an appointment today or tomorrow at the latest. That was on Tuesday. Oh, great, that scared me. I have no ophthamologist up north so I got a referral from friends and the earliest I could get in was this morning. The flashing lights only happened a couple times yesterday (of course) but the other stuff is constant. Doesn't it seem that whenever you have something wrong and have to wait to see a doctor, your symptoms diminish or fade away completely before the appointment? It sure does for me. Even when something was wrong with one of the kids, by the time I got them in for a look see, they appeared to be rosy cheeked and fine. All I'm sayin'.
These were my birthday flowers. I could actually see the color change in this big flower over
two days. It wasn't dying, but it completely changed. I gotta figure out what this flower is. Any ideas? I can always count on you!

I am very disappointed that they are canceling Chicago Code (Fox). I think it is a great show.

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Gayle from MI said...

Do you think those flowers might have been dyed in some way