Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Knob

This is what I wrote in my March 3rd blog as far as Scotty McCreary;

the country kid, although he doesn't need Idol; he will be a star tomorrow.

I agree with that only, he is kinda boring. He doesn't make me want to watch him. The only time I voted on Idol was for Katherine McPhee to help her win over the sure thing, Taylor Hicks and now I am thinking that I should have voted for both Casey and Hailey. I'm only sayin'.

When I went to my skin doc last week I showed him this thing on my little finger and asked him to cut it out, what with the lidocaine and utensils out for my biopsy. He gave it a look see

and told me that I needed a hand surgeon. WHAT? I said. Just cut it out. He said that I used my hands all the time and this growth had nerves involved and if I wanted to do it right, I should go to his hand surgeon. Of course it's three hours away so that is what I am doing today. When I made the appointment I asked if I could just make the appointment for the consult and the cutting on the same day as I was coming from Indiana but noooooo, that is not how they do it.

I just love riding in the car.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Probably a ganglion cyst. I have one too. They told me the same thing a hand surgeon.

patty a. said...

Hope the hand alteration goes easy and it is nothing that will require futher treatment. Sorry but I can't stand Haley's singing or even to look at her so I was glad she finally was eliminated. Scotty will be ok once he gets some experience. I don't like country music, but you can't deny that he had such a mature voice for such a young fellow.