Wednesday, May 04, 2011

None To Compare

It seems like I am constantly comparing my two kids to being look a likes to Violet. Is that because it's the first grandchild? Anyway, I am sending Maria pictures of the kids as I come across them. Here is Violets dad reading about Son of Sam at age 6 months.
Here he is again at age three months (yes, I made his outfit; horizontal stripes, what was I thinking?)
And again, here he is at age 34 with his Violet. I see some of him in her but mostly she looks like my daughter.
The larger version of 'Hill and Dale' is completed. It measures in at 33 1/2 x 35. For it's name, I was thinking of 'Mountian and Steve'. What do you think?
I had a lovely birthday yesterday. I received these magnificent flowers from my daughter. It's the first flower arrangement I have had down here. At home it's a weekly thing but with all the fauna and flora all around at arms reach, I don't even think about it. With this lovely grouping, I may have to reconsider.


dee said...

beautiful..the kids and the flowers. Belated Happy Birthday Tommy. Hope you had a great day.

Robbie said...

Happy (belated!) BD!!! Are the quilt slices coming in???