Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On The Wall

I thought I would have completed the baby wall hanging to show you today before I popped it in the mail but that's not gonna happen. I decided to quilt it much more than I have done in the past and that takes time. The last time I did the wall hanging I made it much smaller, fused it and then satin stitched it before I stretched it over 1 x 2" frame. There was no quilting. I guess with four years in between making it, I kinda forgot. I am very happy with the outcome; it's just taking an extra day to do.

On the bright side of finishing things, I started and completed this second resist piece. The girls were trying to name it this past weekend and the themes were
various 'dental' derivatives , some sort of 'path', 'cobbles', 'stepping stones' but I have decided on 'All In A Row'.
Here is a detail. This is the original resist piece and I have not as yet done it in pieced fabric. I
finished facing 'What Big Eyes' and it has a sleeve as well. It measures in at 40 x 49 3/4 inches. I was surprised to hear from my girlfriends that the quilts look so much better in person than they do on the blog.
Maybe it's a textural thing or the fact that you can 'touch' them or the color may look better in real life. We went to my show (which is about half way through it's three month stint) and all over the gallery it says ' Please Do Not Touch' but I said that they were with me and they could touch away. And they did!!!


Anonymous said...

I like all of you quilts but I really, really like "All in a row". The colors and design are great. Did I miss a mention of the size?

dee said...

I really love this work. It's exciting and the colors are so wonderful. Great work Tommy. Wish I were closer so I could see it all in person.